Education and Leadership

What is H.E.L.P?

The Healthcare Education and Leadership Program (H.E.L.P.) offers an integrated package of behaviorally-oriented services directed toward health care leaders and their teams. Many of the challenges healthcare teams face benefit from an outside perspective that offers innovative approaches. The consultants of Inner Solutions for Success offer a fresh perspective and objective approach to problem-solving with the goal of improving team functioning.

What comes first

Using a systems approach, the H.E.L.P consultation service begins with an initial assessment of the client’s goals, a history of the identified problems or dysfunction, a developmental history of the team, and the strengths and skills of the team members. This assessment leads to interventions specifically designed to build team cohesiveness and reduce episodes of conflict, promote effective use of each team members’ strengths, improve team communication, and increase the skills of team leaders. The long-term goal is to improve morale, decrease staff turnover, reduce risks and liability related to frequent complaints and/or medical errors, and to increase the confidence of the community and public shareholders.

The Process

  • A collective vision with a clear mission
  • A high level of trust among peers and leaders
  • Collaborative problem-solving skills
  • Effective communication skills
  • Strong, positive team relationships
  • Clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Flexible and effective leadership

Better results are achieved by providing educational training and coaching support to the entire healthcare team than merely addressing the disruptive or maladaptive behavior of one or two individual team members.

How to get started

The duration of the H.E.L.P consultation service varies depending on the extent of the problems identified in the Assessment Phase. The cost of the H.E.L.P consultation team will depend upon several factors, including the amount of time required to complete the various phases, the number, and frequency of trips made to your facility, the number of facility team members involved, and the number of ISS staff needed to render the necessary services. Please call for a free phone consultation.
If your facility has already conducted an internal assessment or has already determined the educational, training and coaching needs of your healthcare team, the H.E.L.P staff is available to provide those services to your team.

Questions? We Have Answers.

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