Individual Training Programs

ISS offers individually tailored training programs to assist and support physicians who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in several areas known to contribute to potential patient risks. These risks are often contribute to medical errors, low patient satisfaction ratings, or complaints filed due to communications problems and conflict with fellow team members or peers. The goal of these individual training programs are to help physicians identify their unique situations, settings and stressors, and then work with them to develop a personalized performance improvement plan that they can implement in the work place to immediately reduce their risk of further complaints.

Topics Include:

  • Professional Boundaries (16 hrs.)
  • Stress, Coping and Communication (16 hrs)
  • Leadership and Team Development (24 hrs)

These programs can be completed in 2-3 days but may also be broken up into smaller segments if necessary. In most cases it is recommended that all training programs include a minimum of two months of weekly one hour follow-up coaching sessions (8 hrs.) to make sure that the strategies learned are being implemented in an effective manner. It also offers the physician on-going support while they work to improve relationships and make useful changes in the work place. The coaching component focuses on effectively implementing whatever changes are deemed necessary to support the physician in retaining or regaining his good standing among the hospital and medical staff.

Who is this service for?

These programs are intended to be preventive in nature and are frequently recommended when a physician has been contacted by their Medical Staff Office indicating that there have been complaints filed against them, with or without disciplinary action from the hospital Medical Executive Committee. The goal of these programs is to prevent any critical incidents from moving forward as an official complaint filed with a State Medical Board. These individual training programs are appropriate for physicians who have been issued a Public Letter of Reprimand by any State Medical Board, but WILL NOT meet the criteria for many physicians who have a court ordered stipulated agreement as part of a medical board hearing settlement.

Common referral sources: Hospital Medical Executive Committees, Well-Being Committees, Healthcare Attorneys, State Medical Boards as part of a Public Letter of Reprimand where NO formal disciplinary actions were taken, or self-referring physicians who have concerns about feedback they have received from their patients or peers.

Performance Improvement Coaching

Performance Improvement Coaching (PIC) is intended to provide physicians with knowledge, skills and support as they attempt to address any behavioral and/or relational problems (not related to clinical competency issues) in the work place. The identified issues can be related to communications skills, working effectively as part of a team, or practicing safe boundaries with staff and patients. Performance Improvement Coaching is also used primarily as a preventative strategy or intervention when challenges or problems are first observed as a pattern of conduct with the potential to create risk to the physician, patient safety, or the organization. Performance Improvement Coaching is most effective when the physician has sufficient self-awareness and knowledge about healthy and appropriate workplace conduct, but is experiencing some difficulty due to various circumstances. This coaching process requires a minimum of a three month, weekly commitment for a total of 12 one hour coaching sessions. Time frames and sessions can be staggered to accommodate most physician schedules.

Most coaching is conducted by telephone, and is goal directed. Coaching is not therapy, although behavioral and thought patterns are explored, examined and challenged if they are deemed to be contributing to some of the struggles or problems. The goal of Performance Improvement Coaching is to help physicians reduce their risk of further complaints in the work place and to provide them with new knowledge and skills that empower them throughout their career, as well as other others of their life.

Common referral sources: Hospital Medical Executive Committees, Well-Being Committees, Healthcare Attorneys, State Medical Boards as part of a Public Letter of Reprimand where NO formal disciplinary actions were taken, or self-referring physicians who have concerns about feedback they have received from their patients or peers.

Leadership Training and Team Development (3 day program)

This service is most helpful when a physician is transitioning into a new leadership role and wants or needs to expand their leadership knowledge and skills quickly and in a short amount of time. This program also includes understanding the basics of effective team dynamics and functioning, and how to work with teams to engage in process improvement projects, change management strategies, communicating effectively when conflict and stress levels are high, and how to inspire and influence others to positively impact change, and patient outcomes. Physicians also learn about the role of organizational culture on team dynamics, and how to develop strategies to engage in effective culture change. In addition, physicians learn essential emotional intelligence (EI) skills and explore which EI skills they need to further develop in order to succeed as an effective physician leader. This program also includes a 3 month, one hour per week of follow-up coaching to assist and support the physician in effectively implementing these new skills in the form of an executive leadership performance improvement plan.

Who is this service for?

This program can be conducted as an individual program or held as part of a small group training, where several physicians from the same organization are completing the program together, sharing ideas, and addressing challenges unique to their teams or organization. This process is intended to be supportive and collaborative, teaching physicians how to be effective leaders by understanding themselves better as leaders, and avoiding common mistakes physicians sometimes make due to their lack of formal leadership training in medical school. This program is geared to helping physicians succeed in their new role as quickly as possible while minimizing their time away from patient care or other responsibilities. Many healthcare organizations will engage in cost-sharing this program and consider this training professional growth and development.

Requirements and Costs:

  • All individual physician services provided require a one hour phone interview to assess and determine a physicians needs and goals, appropriateness for services, as well as level of motivation. There is no fee for the initial assessment and screening interview.
  • All assessment and screening interviews are deemed confidential, unless information disclosed during this process meets the criteria requiring a mandated report due to safety concerns.
  • If the physician referral is the result of a disciplinary action from an organization or a Medical Staff Office, then the physician will be asked to sign a release of information form granting permission for ISS primaries to gather additional information about the nature of challenges and the perspective/needs of the referring party.
  • Upon completion of all programs, physicians will receive a certificate of completion and/or progress reports. In some cases, a performance
    improvement plan will be developed and provided to the referring party.
  • All physician services described are aimed at PREVENTION and REMEDIATION that is NOT the result of a stipulated agreement issued by a
    state medical board. For this reason no CME’s are provided for these services.
  • All services provided will require that the physician sign a Letter of Agreement which will delineate services provided and associated costs.
  • All programs, including coaching, have required reading materials as part of the programs.

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