Professional Boundaries Program

What is the PBP?

Inner Solutions for Success developed the Professional Boundaries Program (PBP) in 1999 in response to a growing recognition that most physicians received little to no formal education on the complex nature of professional boundaries within the patient/physician relationship.  The newspapers have been full of stories about patient betrayals, ruined careers, and devastated lives.  The topic of professional boundaries has not only been an issue between patients and their physicians but has become an issue of trust for the entire healthcare industry!  Our goal is to help healthcare providers reduce their risks through pro-active changes in their practice environment, and in their personal conduct with patients.

Why we developed  PBP

The Professional Boundary Program was specifically developed to address the unique environment of the healthcare setting and the unique nature of the patient/physician relationship. We offer a three day (24 hours) psychoeducational course that is interactive, facilitated by experienced instructors, and conducted in a small group setting. This program has been approved for 42 hours of Category 1 CME* and has four components: Assessment, Change, Implementation, and Follow-up. The follow-up program includes individual Executive Coaching to help support the healthcare provider upon completion of the program.

Program Goals

  1. Increase personal insight into the multiple factors that contribute to boundary crossings, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct, including personal values and beliefs, cultural and gender issues, and other personal paradigms;
  2. Enhance personal and professional coping and communication skills to reduce patient/staff complaints and professional risk in the future.
  3. Increase empathy for high-risk patient populations that place physicians at risk for boundary violations.
  4. Develop improved personal and professional boundary management skills that lead to enduring change.
  5. Practice new skills and behaviors in a safe, confidential and supportive setting with other physicians.

Is the PBP Right for you?

The Professional Boundaries Program is appropriate for any healthcare provider who has had a complaint filed against them with a state medical board or healthcare facility, accusing them of sexual harassment or misconduct with patients, staff, or colleagues. A referral to the PBP may also be appropriate in an effort to reduce the risk for providers who work with high-risk patient populations, or those who wish to demonstrate self-corrective action to their medical executive committees. If you are a healthcare provider on probation for a past accusation, please check with your individual probation monitor or state medical board to verify that the Professional Boundaries Program will meet the requirements of your stipulated agreement. The Professional Boundaries Program conducted by Inner Solutions for Success meets or exceeds most state medical board requirements, and has been approved by the Medical Board of California.

WHat’s Next?

All program applicants will be required to participate in a phone interview prior to being accepted into the Professional Boundaries Program. There is no fee for the application or phone interview, which takes approximately 1 hour to complete. The fee to complete the entire PBP is $2,500.00. In consideration of your practice demands, the courses are held on a Friday through Sunday at a centrally located area in San Diego. Please contact us for additional information and to verify the dates. A program application can be obtained on our Forms and Assessment Tools page. Please print a copy, complete the application, and return to ISS using our confidential fax line.

Questions? We Have Answers.

For all Inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (619) 370-9679.